Back to Life Movement Walk

Praying for the ending of abortion
 Houston to Dallas Texas 
March 17 - April 6 2012

We walked an average of 12-15 miles a day!

My roomies!

We did have some fun :)

TheEsther Call

The Back to Life Team

Over 21 days, 39 women (representing the 39 years since Roe v Wade legalized abortion in the USA) walked over 250 miles in the heat of Texas from Houston, home to the largest Planned Parenthood abortion clinic to Dallas where the Roe v Wade case started.  We walked in heat, wind and rain.  God protected us from a massive tornado outbreak when we neared Dallas! I was honored to be one of those 39 and here are a few of over 1000 photos I took (all using my iphone! So that is why some of the photos aren't super clear)  If you would like to know more about the Back to Life Movement, visit their website 

TheCall Houston, Texas 
January 2010