Wednesday, April 17, 2013


well.. the title say it, I've created a new blog :)

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Monday, April 8, 2013

India... A world beyond ours.

Spending three months investing in the beautiful people of India has changed my life... I now find my mind constantly wondering back to a nation far away.   My heart aches for the pain I saw- little children, living in train stations, begging for any amount of money.  Young mothers wondering the streets searching for food for her family.  I think part of myself is left there, waiting for me to return.... Hopefully soon :)  
God did so many amazing things, in my own lift, my team's and the people we interacted with.  I believe we could write a book with so many amazing stories of God's greatness, protection and love.  Below I've tried to summarize my trip, better then words could :) Enjoy

We were able to work with street children and at a village preschool. 


 Chai tea, a daily happening... like coffee is for most Westerns :)

We even had the chance to visit one of the world wonders, the Taj Mahal!

India, I miss you.
Sincerely, a world traveler