Thursday, October 14, 2010


Fall, the time of year that you pull out your warm cloths, start making more hot bevergers and light more fires in your fireplace. Its when you see fog and frost and sun... The leaves start turning deep reds, oranges and yellows... Its the time of year when family members gather around and talk of old family memories. Its the time of year that kids are in school and are busy with sports- Its the time of year that you can snuggle up with your favorite book, and read- And Its the perfect time to fall more in Love with the Maker of this magical looking place- His name is Creator, Father, Prince of Peace, King of Kings, Mighty One, Beloved, more commonly know as God- the list of His names could go on- but He is looking for you to come to Him. It is a time that you can take out your bible and dive into the deep places with your Heavenly Father.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gods Beauty!

I was at the beach today, working on a film set, and this was the view :) Love Gods Creation and I love God!